• The Best Rated Incense Stick Holders

    If one of your hobbies while unwinding at home is burning your favorite resinous scent at home, then you should opt for an incense holderthat can easily moonlight as a chic object in the off hours. If you are an incense enthusiast, read on this guide and you will definitely find incense sticks holder that will spark your interest.

    The Best Rated Incense Stick Holders

    CB2 SAIC Pyramid Burner 

    It has a silhouette that is inspired by the Egyptian pyramids and is made of marble. Its design simply makes a beautiful timelessly stylish decor accessory. Ash  from this burner usually slides down the pyramid as it burns and it gathers in the tray hence making clean up easy. It can never disappoint and it is also believed to be durable as well.

    Mediom Shell Incense Stick Holder 

    It is made of wood and it keeps the stick propped up at a certain angle hence all the burnt ashes usually end up in the bowl but not on the table. It has a beautiful concetric rings design which makes it a mesmerizing accent for a bookshelf or vanity when not in use. It is affordable and easily portable as well.

    Seraphic Yoga Prayer Pose Burner 

    If part of your regular yoga practice or meditation is burning incense, then this paricular wood-ceramic incense stick holder would be a geat pick to have at hand so as to complement your spiritual rituals. It works perfectly and has a simple but elegant design. The direction in which the stick is placed also ensures that the ash falls on its smooth surface for easy cleaning.

    L'Objet Amphora Incense Holder 

    It may be certainly a splurge but it is made of porcelain and brass urn usually comes apart to hold an incense stick discreetly inside. Typically when lit, the wisps of fragrant smoke usually spiral out of the open top. It is also a beautifully made design that is often eye-catching when compared to the rest.

    Tictail Incenstix holder 

    This particular holder strikes a beautiful balance between elegance and otherworldly which adds a great metallic glint to your bookshelf when not in use. It is made of real brass and thus it develops a burnished patina over time although it can always be polished back to its original luster. It is also uniquely designed and thus an attractive piece.

    Fornasetti Pensee 

    This stick holder is a box from Fornasetti and it serves both as a mini modern art piece as well as a sense of mystic surrealism to a space. It mainly comprises of a porcelain top that has a wooden storage box underneath it. The burning incense stick usually appears to be wedged between the fingers of the echanting pen-and-ink style illustration. Nonetheless, it makes a really great incense stick burner with all its characteristics and features.

    The best incense sticks holder has all that you want and would prefer it to have. It simply should not disappoint when it comes to durability, quality service as well as design. These burners are not usually just for fancy-sake as if you invest in a medium quality incense burner, then it could last you up to a decade withput any damage or depreciation. There more burners but you should have in mind that the best solely depends on your preference or liking.

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